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For registration it is needed the folloving documents
  1. COC
  2. seamen book
  3. passport

Registration roill be done in the room 114 from 09:00 till 16:00
TEL: 097 869 48 30

ice navigation training course

will be done by Volodymyr Krasnov , DSC , Master Mariner Class 1 ,  DP , MPRSH , BTRM , ice navigation instructor.  

designed and developed a Course on “Ice Navigation" OMTC  "Know your Ice before you go through it"
Shiphandling in ice, ice management training and specialized ice training according to the needs of the customer.

преквалификация на морското образование

проектира и разработи курс по "Ледената навигация" OMTC "Знай своя лед, преди да мине през него"
Опазване на лед в леда, обучение по управление на лед и специализирано обучение по леда според нуждите на клиента.


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